Double Heart Dish Project Kit


Kit includes all supplies, materials, step by step instructions and link to technique video!

Only 2 left in stock

Primary project color

Pick your main project color. You will receive enough glaze for 3 coats on this project.

Secondary color (optional)

If you do not need a secondary color you can choose NONE.

Accent Color Solid (optional)

If you don’t need more paint then choose NONE.

Accent Color 1 (optional)

If you don’t need more paint then choose NONE.

$1 additional per color

Need a little black & white for detail?

If you are painting an animal or other figurine with facial features would you like us to include a small bit of BLACK & WHITE for details?

If you haven’t ordered from us before you should order a Brush Pack (10 brushes)

Want to avoid the crowd, Feeling under the weather, Or just looking for a fun activity to do at home with the family? Choose any of our pottery pieces and make it TO GO! Our helpful staff will provide a rainbow of colors and instructions.  When you are finished painting, just drop off your pieces for a beautiful kiln fired finish!  No additional charge!!